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Equine Vettings

Equine Vettings

Equine Vettings with certificates are available for a fixed cost to ensure your new horse comes in the best of health. Five stage plus vettings, benefit from our state of the art DR X-ray machine which projects instant X-rays onto our portable laptop reducing the time...


The Grahamstown SPCA is organising a mass sterilisation campaign to take place on Saturday 14 September 2019. We have gathered veterinarians from across the Eastern Cape and are aiming to sterilise over ONE HUNDRED dogs/cats from our community in just one day!  But we...

SPCA Big Clean & Dog Walk

Ikhala Veterinary Clinic is launching a big clean! We are bringing you an event with a double whammy of good Karma. Come clean up our town whilst also raising money for our local SPCA who desperately need our help. Pay R20 to join in and get the chance to win...


We realise that many of our clients live far from town and therefore having a vet visit to vaccinate your horses can be very expensive. After a terrible year for AHS in the Eastern Cape we are hoping to make vaccination more affordable and convenient. We are now...

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