Ultrum Duration Spray 350ml

Ultrum Duration Environmental Spray

– A long-acting surface spray for the effective control of adult fleas, larvae and eggs.
– Immediately starts killing fleas. Continues to kill I 00% of adult fleas for up to 2 months and 100% of larvae and eggs for up to 6 months.
– Composition
– Permethrin 14,Sg/kg, Es-bioallethrin I ,2g/kg, Pyriproxifen 0,4g/kg.

Directions For Use:
Eliminates all flea life-stages for months (re-apply once every 2 months)
Let surface dry completely before walking on it
Non-toxic to people
One can will cover approximately I S-20m’ (an average room size)
Pack size
350ml can


Author : Daniel Van Vuuren