Cats Best – Cat Litter – Flushable

    • With Cat’s Best, what’s best for your cat is also what’s best for the environment:
    • 100% natural - completely based on plant material with no chemical additives
    • 100% biodegradable, compostable & sustainable - can be easily disposed of in the organic waste bin, in compost or in the toilet
    • Made with active wood fibres allowing it to trap and absorb odours permanently and naturally
    • Non-sticking and specially shaped to prevent scattering & tracking outside the tray
    • Soft clumping mini pellets
    • Lasts up to 7 weeks before a full change of litter is due
    • Can also be used as ground cover for reptiles and rodents.
    • For short and medium hair cats as well as small dogs, suitable for all ages.
    • Certified to dispose soiled litter in the toilet, or throw the clumps into the compost. - Place a square of Astro Turf (fake grass) under the litter tray, sticking out 50cm, to reduce tracking.


Author : Daniel Van Vuuren
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